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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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Security Group creates new revenue in new market





Key Benefits  

The client has 11 new value propositions to take to client that integrated into a programme of works. Thus allowing multi-partner, knowledge transfer and one supplier client procurement options, leveraging existing technical expertise.


Improvements to governance and assurance controls.

The Solution

We undertook a deep dive assessment of the existing engagements identifying repeatable services and key differentiators that clients had gained from the engagements.

The analysis identified:

Product and service Capabilities

Definition of technology components

Mix of product/ repeatable/ configuration/ customisation

Market credibility

Unique Selling Points

Sales cycle / offer cycle alignment

Existing relationships in target companies

Target profiles

Qualification criteria

Third party dependencies

Third party Routes to market

Pricing and packaging options

User License agreements

Delivered services

Developed framework of existing capabilities, and additional capabilities could deliver a holistic approach

Specified missing capabilities for the jog saw puzzle.

Created battlecards for sales with objections, differentiators and positioning.

Developed appropriate marketing messages and collateral

Created Value proposition papers

Identified case studies to be written and mapped to holistic framework

Developed outline delivery plans

Developed indicative price and packaging offers

Established thought leadership channels

Created sales/pre-sales technical collateral

The Challenge

A large international company famous and known for its security and cybersecurity skills and knowledge sought to enter a new market: Autonomous vehicle security.  

Having been highly successful in delivering on a number of specific point solutions they sought to understand what an integrated approach would require. This would assess internal capabilities across big data, security, social engineering, IOT, supply chain privacy by design and security by design.  

What would be the new propositions and value they could provide to clients?