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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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In addition to the case studies here is a selection of recent assignments undertaken by CPM in 2016:

1. Undertake an “AS IS” information architecture assessment to rationalise 17 + data stores;  Identify the Challenges in rationalising the information.

2. Specify lines between data governance/data management/knowledge governance and knowledge management to advise on thinking around how information can be used for quantitative analytics and how knowledge can be qualitatively assessed to drive some standards and guidelines to support further Quantitative analytics.

3. Provide factors for consideration around the business case for outsourced analytics centre of excellence for pharmaceutical analysis, drug inspection, to meet legislative and regulation. Defining a shared services multi tenancy environment.

4. Review of the costs for analytics architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS) (costing about £3k a month) and identifying other AWS services that reduced costs to <£2k a month) through assessing the analytics, data movement and types of analytic methods deployed.

5. Review of IT organisation capability to meet digital transformation strategy assessing skills competencies, role, and  assessment of the organisations ability to transform.

6. Developing a framework for assessing an organisations applications for the migration to the cloud, including specific checklists and aligning to corporate investment model.