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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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CPM’s approach is focused on defining clear rationale for data and specifying effective outcomes.

CPM’s approach can be initiated as a top down approach to effective Data Governance that follows carefully-considered steps that account for overall business priorities, competitive threats and the value of the existing operational data. This approach identifies quick wins that demonstrate the importance of the program. CPM look at your organisation as whole, making recommendations that cover Strategy, Structure, Policies and Standards, People, Process and Systems.

CPM also take a more systematic and structured approach that may challenge and re-examine your business operations. This bottom up approach looks not only at the operational data, it incorporates the data that the business needs to manage, control and use from a legal, regulatory and compliance perspective. Often CPM’s clients have been surprised that data wasn’t being managed in a compliant manner, or more frequently a “cottage” industry had been created.

Together these come together create the right technology infrastructure. Such infrastructure is critical in creating a corporate capability to automate, manage, and scale out your data governance program. Some factors you need to consider, in creating a data governance platform, are:  

1. Data can be accessed, regardless of its source or structure.

2. Data is secure, safe, tamper proof and thus trusted.

3. Data is available to users and applications—when, where, and how it is needed.

4. Data is accurate and valid.

5. The value, structure, and meaning of data is consistent and reconciled across systems, processes, organizations and supply chains.

6. Data is audited and internal controls implemented.

By applying our Data Governance Services businesses can improve the accuracy of their data capture, increase their operational efficiency, and minimise risk and regulatory non-compliance.

Data Governance

A whole-of-business review of data handling, IT systems and processes.

Modern business demands so much more data to collect, store, organise and use, businesses need a clearly-defined program to manage it, and it has been demonstrated that companies with strong IT governance can earn at least a 20% higher return on assets than organisations with weaker governance (MIT Sloan School’s Centre for Information).  CPMs experience is that correct and efficient management of data can improve and streamline business operations, support and validate user acceptance, increase productivity, decision making, compliance and security. This may all sound costly, however it has been found that it can reduce total cost of ownership.