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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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Social network content, document content, location and mobile data, video sensor data, machine data, enterprise application data, open data and customer, supplier and the extended data chain of information is increasing at phenomenal rates. The challenge for wise companies is to harness big data, apply it effectively to the organisation and dramatically improve decision-making right across your business — from product design to supply chain management. Those successful in harnessing this data take a holistic approach to transformation.  Managing big data requires a transformation in your business and IT. It requires new skills and competencies in analytic insight and model development and critically it is about industrialising your analytics.

CPM focus on the transformational aspects of Big Data and how it can make a difference to your business. CPM see Big Data as a realisation of an unused asset within organisations : information and focus specifically on how information can be used to transform companies.

What is CPM’s Big Data Strategy?

CPM’s Big Data Strategy helps you exploit the right and relevant data  in your organisation. It first challenges why? What is the value to your organisation of using the data before considering the appropriate method to exploit information.


CPMs experience focuses key outcomes and the level of maturity of analytics to meet your needs.

Too often we have seen fabulous technologies implemented correctly tackling the wrong problem and providing sub-optimal results.

We use CPMs Analytic Capability model to assess what are the specific key drivers in your business to focus on, audit what you do today and develop with you what tomorrow’s analytic use of information.

Big Data Advisory

CPM can work with you to scope a Big Data assessment approach and vision creation approach no matter the scale and complexity of your organization. Our experienced information specialists work with your experts through a series of workshops across business, data, people, and solution domains to:

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