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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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Post Sale Due diligence  




Key Benefits  

The client had quantifiable reasons for delay, were able to recruit CTO with specific skills to drive modernisation roadmap direction.  In addition, the client had outline costs to fit within their affordability model.  

The Solution

An assessment of the software stack and attentive listening to support staff, developers and technology providers, a number of technical debt issues were quickly identified:

1. Database was out of support and there was no forward roadmap.

2. A Json/java web veneer over archaic development processes hid the real “thick client” challenges of the application.

3. Existing software development and support tools were out of date and unsupported.

4. Development processes and procedures didn’t include security updates and controls.

5. Data structures had evolved creating complexity and linking newly developed models to aged technologies.

6. The evolutionary development of the product had left areas of the application highly coupled. Several of these areas were key areas for modernisation to drive new products for clients.

7. With over 50 clients there were more than 20 different “customised” deployments.

8. A lack of configuration management, release and deployment controls meant led to rising complexity internally and a view of “fragile” systems by the client.

Delivered services

Analysed code, design and programming styles,

Evaluated issues and changes to the product code.

Deep dive on existing “AS-IS” Architecture

Established detailed specific issues that inhibited movement to Data centre.

Established specific issues and challenges on porting Applications to being “cloud ready” and delivering “SaaS”

Evaluated data structures to identify modern database environments that would provide a warranties licensable environment.

Provided outline investment appraisal.

The Challenge

A financial Services company post acquisition and delivering on their plan for driving efficiencies and reducing costs couldn’t fathom technical challenges impeding progress.  

There seemed to be disagreement between acquired company personnel and about the technology direction set. Over several months and allocating a number of technical resources there had been little progress on the application, database and data migration/modernisation.